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Understanding The SECURE Act

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Are you right on the edge of taking RMDs and wondering what the recent changes due to the SECURE Act mean for you? We’ll explore the difference a few months could mean when it comes to taking RMDs under the new SECURE Act.


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Today's rundown: 

1:35 - The SECURE Act passed but is still a bit confusing when it comes to RMDs.

2:21 - Let’s play: This or That?

3:19 - What’s the difference between being born at the beginning of the year and the second half of 1949 for RMDs?

7:07 - Fun fact: IRA and 401(k) rules were started in 1974, the same time Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen started their careers.

8:43 - Make sure you check with your advisor to avoid the penalty of being wrong on your RMD age.

11:46 - Upcoming class: Retirement Planning Today will be held on February 4th and 11th.

5 Biggest Storylines of 2020: Will They Matter Financially?

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We’re already off to a busy start for 2020 and it doesn’t appear like the news will slow down anytime soon. Let’s look at the biggest anticipated storylines for this year and find out whether or not they will matter when it comes to your retirement planning.


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Today's rundown: 

1:11 – The Dow has surpassed 29,000.

2:27 – How much will the headlines and storylines of 2020 impact the market?

2:58 – The 2020 election

4:36 – What does history tell us about election years?

6:31 – Depending on who gets elected, taxes could be impacted.

7:44 – Does it matter: Stock market returns over the next 12 months?

9:24 – Always be investing based on your time horizon.  

10:24 – The trade war with China: how much will it matter?

12:26 – The health insurance marketplace: does it matter?

14:27 – The final one: the future of Social Security.

New Year Financial Checklist for 2020

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You’ve made it through the holidays, laid out your new year resolutions, and now it’s time to check in on your retirement plan. January presents another opportunity to get your finances in order and we have a checklist of items to look into for 2020.


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Today's Rundown: 

2:48 – Let’s talk about a checklist of items to be thinking about as the new year begins.  

3:34 – Figure out how the SECURE Act affects you.

5:53 – The Stretch IRA

7:55 – What else do you see from the SECURE Act that people need to be aware of?

8:31 – Another big change is annuities inside 401(k)s.

10:24 – What about the new W4 form?

11:28 – Any changes to contributions? This is the time of the year to be looking at these.

12:24 – It’s the time of the year to start getting all your tax info together.

14:01 – Really it’s just paying attention to your overall financial health.


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