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Understanding The SECURE Act

Posted on January 23rd, 2020

Are you right on the edge of taking RMDs and wondering what the recent changes due to the SECURE Act mean for you? We’ll explore the difference a few months could mean when it comes to taking RMDs under the new SECURE Act.


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Today's rundown: 

1:35 - The SECURE Act passed but is still a bit confusing when it comes to RMDs.

2:21 - Let’s play: This or That?

3:19 - What’s the difference between being born at the beginning of the year and the second half of 1949 for RMDs?

7:07 - Fun fact: IRA and 401(k) rules were started in 1974, the same time Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen started their careers.

8:43 - Make sure you check with your advisor to avoid the penalty of being wrong on your RMD age.

11:46 - Upcoming class: Retirement Planning Today will be held on February 4th and 11th.