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5 Biggest Storylines of 2020: Will They Matter Financially?

Posted on January 16th, 2020

We’re already off to a busy start for 2020 and it doesn’t appear like the news will slow down anytime soon. Let’s look at the biggest anticipated storylines for this year and find out whether or not they will matter when it comes to your retirement planning.


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Today's rundown: 

1:11 – The Dow has surpassed 29,000.

2:27 – How much will the headlines and storylines of 2020 impact the market?

2:58 – The 2020 election

4:36 – What does history tell us about election years?

6:31 – Depending on who gets elected, taxes could be impacted.

7:44 – Does it matter: Stock market returns over the next 12 months?

9:24 – Always be investing based on your time horizon.  

10:24 – The trade war with China: how much will it matter?

12:26 – The health insurance marketplace: does it matter?

14:27 – The final one: the future of Social Security.