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Questions You Should Be Asking Part 01

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As you begin to think about retirement, you probably have all sorts of questions. After all, if you have yet to begin that retirement journey, you're probably overwhelmed at the thought of starting the process. While questions about income planning and long-term care are rather common, there are other questions you might not have considered as you begin to plan. Join us as we begin a two-part series outlining the questions you should be asking but probably aren't.

In part one of our series, we'll examine the tax implications of your retirement accounts. If you've been squirreling away your savings in tax-deferred accounts, you could be in for a shock when it's time to begin withdrawing from them. Begin devising your tax strategy, and discover ways to optimize your portfolio to alleviate your tax burden in retirement.


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Financial Therapy

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Let's think of your financial advisor as your financial therapist. We'll discuss some scenarios where it’s almost inevitable that a talk with your advisor seem like a counseling session. Perhaps it would help to reflect on what financial wisdom your grandmother shared with you. Maybe your financial therapist can help you with your 401(k) mistakes.

Retirement: It Ain’t What It Used To Be

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In some ways, retirement planning was easier for past generations. Let's take a look at how planning has changed through the years. Later, Nathan will take a multiple choice quiz. Finally, he will help you avoid any financial mistakes that might be made if you are going through a divorce.

Common Complaints About Finances

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We often hear people express similar complaints about their financial situation. Are most of these complaints legitimate, or are people focusing on the wrong things?

Bouncing Back

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On today's episode, we'll help you bounce back from financial mistakes, and mediate some common spousal disagreements.

New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s usually not hard to come up with ideas for New Year’s resolutions—things like exercising more, eating healthier, reading more books, or getting more sleep. The key is HOW you’re going to make those things happen. And it’s no different with financial resolutions. We'll tell you how to achieve some financial goals that you could set for yourself this year.

Stock Market Update: Holiday Hijinx

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The stock market was incredibly volatile over the recent holiday season. What could it mean for your retirement? Nathan will analyze the recent ups and downs in the market.

Common Money Mistakes

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There are so many moving parts to a successful retirement. It's easy to overlook something as you consider things like taxes, 401(k)s, IRAs, social security, legacy planning, and much more. Nathan will cover some common mistakes that can be made in this critical point in life, so that you know how to avoid them.

Financial Stocking Stuffers

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Let’s assume that all of our listeners are on the “nice” list, so they should be getting good gifts in their financial stocking. We'll discuss some stocking stuffers that Santa could put in for your finances.

Client Personalities

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There are many types of personalities out there when it comes to financial matters, and most of our listeners will fit into one of these classifications. Hear how we can design a plan that fits your personality. Later, we'll cover social security myths.

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