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Dirty Little Secrets in the Financial World

Posted on August 20th, 2020

No one knows what you don’t know. So, let’s talk about all those secrets you might be unaware of when it comes to the financial world. What should you really be paying attention to? We'll tell you today. 


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On today's show: 

1:38 - Is moving out of the city a long-term trend?

3:27 - Dunkin’ Donuts is closing 800 stores throughout the country.

5:38 - The future of the election and the vaccine will play a part in the economy.

7:30 - What are the dirty secrets in the financial industry?

11:16 - Most things financial advisors argue about aren’t that important.   

12:19 - It’s difficult to differentiate between skill and luck.

13:53 - The bolder the opinion, the more people pay attention to it.

17:48 - What’s the best way to teach kids about taxes, according to Bill Murray?

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