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Cleaning Your Financial Closet – Lockdown Edition

Posted on April 16th, 2020

We’re all spending a lot more time at home right now and using this as an opportunity to get organized. So let’s clean out our own financial closet by taking care of the things you’ve probably had on your list for a while and tidying up some areas of concern.


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Today's show rundown:

1:15 – Understanding percentages when it comes to stock market gains and losses

2:58 – Make sure you know how your portfolio is balanced.

4:04 – Stimulus checks are rolling out this week.  

5:44 – How’s Nathan been dealing with the quarantine at home?

6:33 – Let’s clean out the financial closet during our down time.  

7:47 – What organizational tips would you give someone?

8:51 – Consolidate with one advisor.

10:03 – Review your monthly budget.

11:31 – Evaluate your portfolio and figure out if you’re taking the correct risk.

13:33 – Misunderstandings of what a budget means.

16:55 – Unemployment numbers continue to rise

18:26 – Update on how Tennessee is dealing with the health crisis.

19:32 – Incentives to return to society

20:31 – Nathan shares a story of his experience with how businesses are changing.

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