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How to Handle Stock Market Declines

If you’re someone that keeps a close eye on the stock market, it’s going to be impossible to miss the dips. That’s especially true when the market drops close to 10 percent, which happened recently. This is never easy to stomach but understanding how common this is and what you can do to offset these losses will ease your mind.

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Today's rundown:

0:54 – It’s been a big week in Nathan’s life.

1:47 – Ways to fight the fears during a market decline.

2:38 – Loss of money creates a stronger reaction than earning money.

3:41 – Market declines are part of investing.

4:41 – 10% dips every year are common, even during this 10-year bull run.

5:33 – You only have to go back to December 2018 to see the last big dip.

7:12 – Diversification matters and this is a time you really see why.

9:03 – Best performing assets vs the worst performing in recent years.

10:33 – How to counter-balance your stocks with something less volatile.

11:33 – Why every portfolio should have fixed income.


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