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Is the Customer Always Right?

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When you work with a financial advisor, is the customer always right? What if your ideas don’t match? Who is really in charge when it comes to your money and your financial plan?


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Today's show schedule: 

0:42 - What’s open and what is still closed during the pandemic?

4:13 - A financial advisor’s job includes giving some pushback and feedback.

8:05 - You need to understand how each piece of your plan fits together.

9:41 - Know the difference between a good plan and gambling.

13:07 - When you work with an experienced professional, allow room to hear their advice.

14:41 - Carefully consider the details of various elements in your estate plan and insurance needs.

16:29 - You need to have long-term strategy instead of constant changes.

How To Set Financial and Retirement Goals

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Are you setting realistic and achievable financial goals? How do you stick to your financial goals? Let’s discuss the steps you can take to set up goals for your retirement.


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Today's rundown:

2:01 - What are goals that everyone should be shooting for?

5:55 - How do you determine specific goals?

9:44 - Are you setting unrealistic goals?

11:50 - How do you reframe unrealistic goals?

12:43 - The person you work with impacts the kinds of goals you set.


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