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Coronavirus Market Update + What’s Next

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We’re all dealing with the affects of the coronavirus to financial markets around the globe and it’s a challenge to keep up with all the news updates. We’ll try to bring all the key pieces of information as Nathan together on this episode as we head into the final week of March. Plus we’ll discuss what could be next and what type of rebound we could see. 


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Today's rundown: 

2:06- We are doing some in-person meetings but also utilizing technology for virtual meetings.

3:19- Nathan shares an awesome phone call he got this week from a client.

5:55- Despite the rapid market drop, clients have stayed pretty calm through it all so far.

6:33- Selling now is the worst decision you can make.

7:30- Many analysts feel it could be a v-shaped or u-shaped rebound.

9:18- How does the bucket strategy fit into planning right now?

13:45- Nathan tells the story of his friend flying into Nashville this week.

14:55- How do we move forward from this?

16:37- Are they closing in on a cure?

19:35- Nathan says he’s never seen a market bounce like we’re witnessing now.

21:01- It’s so important to have a plan now and moving forward.

22:56 - Are we in a recession?

26:28 - One thing that hasn’t change is companies are still driving to make a profit.

Coronavirus: What Pandemics Often Do To The Market

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Are you worried about how coronavirus might impact the market or your financial plan? Let’s look at several past epidemics to see what the market has done historically.


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Today's show rundown: 

1:25 - All pandemics affect the market.

3:19 - Coronavirus is definitely having an impact on the world right now.

5:00 - SARS caused a drop in the market, but it was back within a few months.

7:09 - Ebola affected the market for about eight months.

11:43 - Swine flu caused a dip on top of the market downturn we were already experiencing in 2009.

13:02 - DOW Jones market data shows that things rebound within six months.

15:20 - The Spanish flu killed millions in 1918, but the market only declined 10 percent.


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