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Planning The Ultimate Road Trip: Your Retirement

Believe it or not, planning for retirement is a bit like going on a road trip. Are you ready to rock out to some tunes and hit the road? Or are you stuck in the planning process or facing roadblocks? Find out how you can plan the best route possible on your way to retirement.

Today's rundown:

4:54 - Decide where you want to go. What do you want retirement to look like? 

7:09 - How do you get there?

9:36 - What happens if your plans fail? 

10:47 - What are you listening to along the way? What are your sources of information?

14:30 - When is it time to turn off the cruise control on your way to retirement?

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Reading Between the Lines Of Financial Fake News

Ever read a headline and think, “Is that true?” There are several headlines that make their way into the news from the financial world, but before you get in a panic, let’s look at them logically to figure out if they are real or fake.

On today's show:

1:29 - In the News: Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money, is shifting more toward education on his show and now agrees with the value of index funds.

5:59 - Fake News: Social Security going broke. But does that mean you will stop receiving funds?

8:47 - Fake News: The dollar will crash--buy gold now!

11:33 - Fake News: Recession is coming.

13:16 - Every few months we see market fluctuations.

16:05 - You can’t let a headline throw off your retirement plan.

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Decision-Making Roadblocks in Financial Planning

No matter how hard we try to stay on top of our finances, we’re sure to come across roadblocks that interfere with our decision-making process. Does this sound familiar? Let’s talk about the common scenarios we see in retirement planning and how you can deal with them. 

Today's rundown:

0:58 – In the news: What’s going on with small cap stocks?

2:50 – How to check your mutual fund to see what investment style it uses.

3:55 – Should you be making changes to your portfolio?

5:10 – Confidence Corner: Decision-making roadblocks.

6:00 – Roadblock: too many decisions to make.

8:31 – Roadblock: Doing research yourself can overwhelm you in a hurry.

10:14 – You need someone that can hold your feet to the fire.

12:19 – Experience is the main educator that we have.

14:22 – Roadblock: You just don’t like talking about money.  

16:58 – Roadblock: Traumatic life events.

20:18 – Fun fact of the week.

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Discussing the Laws of Investing, Part 3

Just why do you make the decisions that you do? You may think it has to do with facts and figures, but your behaviors and how you respond to risk and reward determine a lot of your actions. This is part three of that discussion.

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