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Discussing the Laws Of Investing, Part 2

Do you truly know why you make the investment decisions you do? Many of them are based on mainstream beliefs but how much do you know about where they are rooted? Are you following these laws of investing (knowingly or not)? This is part two of that discussion.

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Discussing the Laws Of Investing, Part 1

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Stop to consider why you do what you do. Now, consider why you make the financial decisions you make. Are you following these laws of investing (knowingly or not)? This is part one of that discussion.

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You can also access the Laws of Investing PDF mentioned during the show here.

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Understanding The SECURE Act, Part 3

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We’re back to breaking down the SECURE Act once again on the podcast. Back in July, we covered a couple of the provisions under the proposed act like penalty-free distributions for the birth or adoption of a child, tax credits, and the lifetime income disclosure for defined contribution plans. But we only briefly touched on the removal of provisions for the Stretch IRA. On this episode, we’ll spend some more time on the Stretch IRA and how the SECURE Act could reshape it if it passes into law.


1:32 – A refresher of what the SECURE Act is.

2:10 – Myth: The Stretch IRA isn’t being fully “shut down”. It’s being changed, but not necessarily eliminated.

3:23 – It really impacts high earners because of how quickly you’ll have to withdraw large sums.

5:10 – Does this also impact inherited IRAs?

5:56 – The rule could go in place by end of the year.

6:38 – Could people still do a spousal rollover?

7:18 – Nathan & Marc play out a hypothetical situation of what someone will need to do once the law passes.

How to Handle Stock Market Declines

If you’re someone that keeps a close eye on the stock market, it’s going to be impossible to miss the dips. That’s especially true when the market drops close to 10 percent, which happened recently. This is never easy to stomach but understanding how common this is and what you can do to offset these losses will ease your mind.

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Today's rundown:

0:54 – It’s been a big week in Nathan’s life.

1:47 – Ways to fight the fears during a market decline.

2:38 – Loss of money creates a stronger reaction than earning money.

3:41 – Market declines are part of investing.

4:41 – 10% dips every year are common, even during this 10-year bull run.

5:33 – You only have to go back to December 2018 to see the last big dip.

7:12 – Diversification matters and this is a time you really see why.

9:03 – Best performing assets vs the worst performing in recent years.

10:33 – How to counter-balance your stocks with something less volatile.

11:33 – Why every portfolio should have fixed income.

Will Your Beneficiaries Be Able To Access Your Accounts After You Die?

Ever stop to think about what happens to all of your online accounts when you die? Does someone else have the password in order to gain access just in case? Making a plan for this now will make it easier on your loved ones.

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