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What Does Financial Security Look Like For You?

We all want it, but what exactly is financial security? Everyone defines it differently and today will discuss some of those meanings. But first, in the news, we talk about how technology is changing the road ahead (literally!) and what that means as an investor.

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Crazy Financial Facts From The Past And What They Mean Today

Did you know…? Looking at some crazy and random financial facts can be fun, interesting, and at times, even a bit confusing. Maybe you know where the stock market is now, but do you know what it looked like in the 1970s? What about the 1930s? We’ve come a long way, and it’s important to understand the facts of the past in order to know what to do in the present.

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Does it Benefit You to Have Multiple Financial Advisors

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We’ve been trained to believe that more is better but is that always true in the financial world? Having more than one advisor might seem like a great way to diversify your portfolio, but can it end up doing you more harm than good? This episode focuses on that topic to help you decide what will benefit you the most.

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Understanding The SECURE Act, Part 2

The SECURE Act will bring several changes that may impact your retirement planning, and Nathan will go over four more of those provisions. This concludes our two-part series on the SECURE Act 2019.

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