The Financial Answer

Financial planning guidance from West Tennessee’s Nathan O’ Bryant.

Common Money Mistakes

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There are so many moving parts to a successful retirement. It's easy to overlook something as you consider things like taxes, 401(k)s, IRAs, social security, legacy planning, and much more. Nathan will cover some common mistakes that can be made in this critical point in life, so that you know how to avoid them.

Financial Stocking Stuffers

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Let’s assume that all of our listeners are on the “nice” list, so they should be getting good gifts in their financial stocking. We'll discuss some stocking stuffers that Santa could put in for your finances.

Client Personalities

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There are many types of personalities out there when it comes to financial matters, and most of our listeners will fit into one of these classifications. Hear how we can design a plan that fits your personality. Later, we'll cover social security myths.


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