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Financial planning guidance from West Tennessee’s Nathan O’ Bryant.

Moving The Goalposts

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We’ve found that people often move the goalposts in their own retirement planning, often to their detriment. Let’s talk about some of the ways that people are likely to change their goals and deadlines. We'll also go over important Medicare questions.

Retirement: It Ain’t What It Used To Be

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In some ways, retirement planning was easier for past generations. Let's take a look at how planning has changed through the years. Later, Nathan will take a multiple choice quiz. Finally, he will help you avoid any financial mistakes that might be made if you are going through a divorce

End Of Year To-Do List

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Once you factor in Thanksgiving, shopping that needs to be done, holiday parties to attend, and travel that you’ll be will seem like the end of the year will be here sooner than you thought possible. So let’s talk about the financial matters that might need to be on your end-of-year checklist. One possible new year's resolution would be to conquer your financial fears.

The Retirement Checklist

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Just like a pilot going through his pre-flight checklist before takeoff, it’s important that you go through your pre-retirement checklist before walking away from a paycheck. Let's look at some of the items on this list.

Stock Market Update: October Slump

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The stock market has been dealing with some volatility recently. What could it mean for your retirement portfolio? Nathan will also help you avoid rookie mistakes in financial planning, and give a crash course in understanding your statements.


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