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Financial planning guidance from West Tennessee’s Nathan O’ Bryant.

Financial Therapy

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Let's think of your financial advisor as your financial therapist. We'll discuss some scenarios where it’s almost inevitable that a talk with your advisor seem like a counseling session. Perhaps it would help to reflect on what financial wisdom your grandmother shared with you. Maybe your financial therapist can help you with your 401(k) mistakes.


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We'll discuss the pros and cons of robo-advisors. Could they be a fit for your financial plan? Nathan will give his professional opinion.

Score A Touchdown In Retirement

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At this time of year, you can find football on TV almost every night of the week. So let’s take some concepts from the game of football and apply them to our retirement planning. We'll also huddle up and make a game plan for using bonds and preparing for taxes in retirement.

Unhealthy Financial Foods

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Let's explore some unhealthy foods and find their parallels in the financial world. You will also learn about some of the landmark ages in retirement planning, as well as why life insurance might be a good fit for your needs.


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