The Financial Answer

Financial planning guidance from West Tennessee’s Nathan O’ Bryant.

The Retirement Pyramid

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What is risk aversion, and does it affect you? Find out what Nathan has to say. We'll also cover the tax consequences of your investments and climb the retirement pyramid.

Unique Challenges In Retirement

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It's time to answer some more questions with The Financial Answer. Nathan will go over things that financial advisors wish their clients knew, and will also guide you through unique challenges that could be facing your retirement plan.

Mind The Gap

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If you've ever ridden the subway in London, you've probably noticed the "Mind The Gap" signs warning you to beware of the gap between the train door and the station platform. Let's talk about minding the gaps in your retirement plan. We'll also discuss the financial issues we tend to procrastinate.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

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Think of Nathan as your financial doctor. Hear what he would prescribe for some symptoms you may be experiencing. After that initial consult, we'll learn some financial lessons from quotes by Mick Jagger, as well as identify some red flags you should watch out for in your portfolio.


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