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Financial planning guidance from West Tennessee’s Nathan O’ Bryant.

The Right Fit For You

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A customized retirement plan is much better than a one-size-fits-all approach. And yet, you might not have a plan that's truly customized. Find out what it means to have a plan that's unique to your needs and goals. We'll also discover what makes Nathan tick and learn how age can affect wisdom.

Music Lessons

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Learn financial lessons from some of the richest musicians in history. We'll also find out whether Nathan could be elected to the hypothetical office of financial advisor. Finally, we'll take a deep dive and examine pensions.

Not Your Parents’ Retirement

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Your retirement will look much different than your parent's. Find out why. We'll also explain why there's really only three places you can invest and try to determine your spending personality.

Mother Knows Best

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In honor of Mother's Day, let's take some financial lessons from mom. We'll also try to understand the concept of non-correlated income. Finally we'll share some uncommon sense.

Financial Codebreaking

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We're not going to get too political, but join us for a discussion on financial planning in Trump's America. Later, tell your advisor to give it to you straight. It's time we stop speaking in financial code. Say what you mean.


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