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Financial planning guidance from West Tennessee’s Nathan O’ Bryant.

The Market Crash Hall Of Fame

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Let's tour the "Market Crash Hall Of Fame", and go over some of the famous crashes in American history. Be sure you are prepared for the next one. Then, we'll discuss some things that are never said about finances, as well as things in the investment world that could drive you crazy

Flirting With Disaster

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Don't flirt with disaster in your portfolio. Learn where danger could be lurking. We'll also play a game of "Fact Or Fiction."

Nathan’s Take On Taxes

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Hear Nathan's take on the U.S. tax code situation going forward. Learn about the benefits of working with an independent fiduciary advisor. Finally, watch out for these threats to your retirement income.

Music Lessons

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Learn financial lessons from some of the richest musicians in history. We'll also find out whether Nathan could be elected to the hypothetical office of financial advisor. Finally, we'll take a deep dive and examine pensions.


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